Stuart Eydmann

eydmann2 Edinburgh 1983

Player of English concertina and fiddle. Stuart is a member of The Whistlebinkies  He was co-founder and is curator of rareTunes.


Hielan Harry

Played on a gut-strung fiddle of 1775 made by Ruddiman of Aberdeen. Recorded Edinburgh, January 2020.


Reflections, Dancing (extract)

From the orchestral work by composer Eddie McGuire. Recorded live Hong Kong 17 January 2006.

She moved through the fair

Recorded Edinburgh, 2018.

Fife and a the lands about it

Composed by James Oswald. Recorded Edinburgh, 2018.

The piper, the harper, the fiddler

Composed by Eddie McGuire. Recorded Edinburgh, 2018.

Roslin Castle

A Scottish air.

Gaelic Hymn

Recorded Glasgow, 2007.

Kist o’ Whistles (extract)

An extract from a live concert recording of a specially commissioned work by composer Eddie McGuire for folk ensemble and organ. The piece features a dialogue between the reed tones of the organ and the concertina. Concertina is played by Stuart Eydmann and organ by Michael Bonnaventure. Recorded Church of St Andrew and St George, Edinburgh.

Wendell’s Wedding

An air composed by Tony Cuffe. Played on English concertina with other instruments, all by Stuart Eydmann. Recorded Edinburgh, Scotland, 2010.

Such a Parcel Of Rogues in a Nation

Recorded Edinburgh, Scotland, April 2016.

The following tracks feature a new, bespoke miniature concertina (above left) made in 2018/9 by Andrew Norman. The keyboard layout is based on the classic English concertina model but with a greatly reduced range. Certain deleted notes are substituted by duplicates to facilitate the performance of Scottish traditional music, particularly bagpipe melodies and their ornamentation.

The Mist Covered Mountain

Recorded Edinburgh, January 2020

Louden’s Bonny Woods and Braes

Recorded Edinburgh, January 2020

Donald of the Sun

Recorded Edinburgh, August 2020

‘I first heard this tune played on pipes in the late 1970s by Pipe Major Iain MacDonald of Neilston who sadly passed away this year. The setting of the tune, which may have its origins in an Irish jig, if from the influential Glasgow piper Duncan Johnstone.


The following tracks are from an experimental electronic music album ‘composed’ in the late 1990s using the pioneering generative music powertool KOAN X Platinum.


Sunrise, Stromness

Here electronic sounds are combined with an early morning field recording made in Stromness, Orkney.