A repository of texts, media and other material relating to Stuart Eydmann’s research on aspects of the twentieth-century traditional music revival in Scotland.

Book Reviews

Here are two reviews of Ailie Munro’s two key books on the folk music revival in Scotland that were written at the times of their publication:

Stuart Eydmann, review of Ailie Munro, The Folk Music Revival in Scotland. (London 1984) from an edition of Chapbook (reference lost) can be read here.

Stuart Eydmann, review of Ailie Munro, The Democratic Muse. Folk Music revival in Scotland. (London, 1996) from Folk Music Journal Vol. 7, No. 3 (1997), pp. 371-372 can be read here.


International Aspects

The following links lead to articles and information on international interactions and events that were an important part of the traditional music revival:

Scotland and Brittany

Scotland and Russia – in preparation

Scotland and East Germany – in preparation