After Gizzenbriggs broke up Jimmy Philp and Christine Martin joined a new band, Clanjamfrey some time around 1980/81. The members were Dave Goulder guitar, song, and Charlie Menzies fiddle (both from Rosehall), Peter Taylor concertina, song (Achiltibuie), and Ewan Mann, song, bass guitar, Lorraine Mann guitar and song (from Fearn near Tain). The group played at The Ceilidh Place in Ullapool, Rosehall, Traquair Country Fair, festivals at Wick and Thurso and other Highland venues. It was quite hard to organise this band on account of the distances between members and little money was made on account of the large number of musicians involved. It is not known whether any recordings or photographs of the group survive.

By 1982 Clamjamfrey was proving too unwieldy and uneconomic so Peter Taylor, Jimmy Philp and Christine Martin formed the trio Fuaran. The band appeared on Grampian Television (see video fragment below) and Moray Firth Radio. It played at the Keith Festival and undertook a tour of Skye.

The recordings featured here are from a cassette album recorded in 1983 in the Proles Pleasure Studios in Tain run by Terry B Small who also recorded, arranged and played on North Rising. The tape included Christine’s sister Ruth Johnston from Glasgow on song and Appalachian Dulcimer.

This album had a cover (enclosed) was sold locally around the Highlands but rarely beyond there, the band not being known within the general Scottish folk scene.

The Gobbie O / Pate Baillie’s Jig

Christine Martin, fiddle; Peter Taylor, melodeon, Jimmy Philp; guitar.

Jess MacFarlane

Jimmy Philp, vocals and guitar; Christine Martin clarsach; Peter Taylor, concertina and vocal harmonies.

See also this video fragment:


Rocking the cradle

Ruth Johnston, vocals and Appalachian dulcimer.

Lochaber no More

Christine Martin, clarsach; Peter Taylor, concertina.

Bonny Labouring Boy

Peter Taylor, vocals; Jimmy Philp, guitar; Christine Martin, fiddle.

Alas as I cam o’er the moor

Ruth Johnston, vocals and Appalachian dulcimer.

Won’t you tune that fiddle?

Christine Martin, fiddle; Peter Taylor, melodeon; Jimmy Philp, guitar.

Runs in the family

Ruth Johnston, vocals and Appalachian dulcimer.

The Banks of the Lee

Peter Taylor vocals and concertina; Jimmy Philp, guitar; Christine Martin harp.

Shores of Amerikay / Morrison’s Jig / Jenny’s Chickens / The Merry Blacksmith

Captain O’ Kean / The Chevalier’s Lament

Song written by Rober Burns. Christine Martin, clarsach; Peter Taylor, concertina; Jimmy Philp, vocals.

Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch

Christine Martin, clarsach.

The John MacLean March

Song by Hamish Henderson, sung by Jimmy Philp.