Rob MacKillop



The Oud Player of Roslyn

This is a recording of the first performance of this work made at Boarhills Church, Boarhills, Fife, Scotland 1st February, 2002. Commission financed by the Scottish Arts Council and The Hope Scott Trust. This version of the recording was remastered by Stuart Eydmann from an MP3 supplied by the player Rob MacKillop.


From the programme note by composer Eddie McGuire:

While working towards my aim of writing a short characteristic piece for every instrument, one of the great benefits is the process of working with a performer and learning about the instrument. This has been one of the best examples, gaining knowledge through Rob MacKillop and his own study of the oud – combined with memories of meeting the oud player, Moustafa el Kurd in East Jerusalem in 1987. This piece gains a lot of its energy from the interaction of some Scots pipe gestures and rhythms with Turkish dance rhythms and Arabic scales.