P C Hopkinson

andyaitch wrote to us:

This is my grandfather playing. He died in 1931 having made only two records, does anybody know where I may download he rest of his material (Burn Brae, Coisley Hill March & Irish Airs)? Many thanks. I have the originals but they are too scratched to listen to.

Scottish Two-Step

Coisley Hill

The march is his own composition. From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5319 A8480.

Thomas Garlick Hopkinson, a Police Constable by profession (hence the initials P.C.), recorded this tune, his own composition, in London, back in January 1929. Released as Columbia 5319, it features a C major harmonica and a harmonic minor harmonica in Am, although the recording plays slightly sharp.

Scottish Airs

From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5410 78.

Irish Airs

From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5410 (A8479).