P C Hopkinson


d. 1931

Born Thomas Garlick Hopkinson the initials PC came from the fact that he was a police constable. Originally from the Newcastle / Gateshead area he moved to West Yorkshire in the 1920s. He was National Mouth Organ Champion in 1929 – the prize-was the first harmonica in Britain – and he made two recordings with Columbia. Information courtesy of the musician’s grandson Steve Hopkinson.

Scottish Two-Step

Coisley Hill

The march is his own composition. From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5319 A8480.

Thomas Garlick Hopkinson, a Police Constable by profession (hence the initials P.C.), recorded this tune, his own composition, in London, back in January 1929. Released as Columbia 5319, it features a C major harmonica and a harmonic minor harmonica in Am, although the recording plays slightly sharp.

Scottish Airs

From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5410 78.

Irish Airs

From 78 rpm disk Columbia 5410 (A8479).