Jimmy MacBeath


Come a’ ye tramps and hawkers

Nicky tams

Gallant Forty-Twa

Moss o’ Burreldale

Hiv ye iver seen a tinkler’s camp, upon a simmer’s nicht,
On the nicht afore the market, fan a’ things gaun richt,
Fan a’ the tramps an hawkers they come fae hill an’ dale,
Tae gaither in the gloamin’ on the Moss o’ Burreldale.

Chorus :
Fan the ale wis only tuppence, an’ a tanner bocht a gill,
A besom or a tilly pan, or a shelt we aye could sell,
An’ we a’ forgot oor troubles ower a “forty” o’ sma’ ale,
Fan we gaithered in the gloamin’ on the Moss o’ Burreldale.

Jock Stewart, he wid hae a fecht, an’ took his jeckit aff,
Bit Squeakin’ Annie sattled him, we a’ got sic a laugh.
She ran ower amang the tilly-pans, for a wee fite iron pail
An’ skeppit him like a swarm o’ bees on the Moss o’ Burreldale.

Noo little Jamie Docherty, a horseman great wis he,
So he jumpit on a shaltie’s back, some tricks to lat us see.
Bit a callant shoved some prickly whins aneath the shaltie’s tail.
Heidfirst he shot in a mossy pot on the Moss o’ Burreldale.

By this time Stewart, got the pail torn aff his achin’ heid,
An’ kickit up an awfu’ soun’ eneuch tae wauk the deid
Bit Annie roared, “Come on Macduff, tho’ I should get the gaol!
Pit them up, ma mannie, ye’re nae fit for Annie, the Rose o’ Burreldale.”

Bit Annie wis nae langer heard fan muckle Jock MacQueen,
He srartit tunin’ upthe pipes he bocht in Aiberdeen.
He blew sae hard, the skin wis thin, the bag began tae swell,
An’ awa’ flew Jock wi’ the sheepskin pyok ower the Moss o’ Burreldale.

The dogs they startit barkin’, the cuddy roared “Hee-haw!”
The tramps and hawkers a’ turned roun’ an’ sic a sicht they saw.
‘Twis Docherty as black’s Auld Nick, the bairns lat oot a yell.
We shoodered oor packs an’ a’ made tracks fae the Moss o’ Burreldale.

Bit noo the spring cairt’s ot o’ date, the shaltie it’s ower slow.
The tramps and hawkers noo-a-days hae langer roads tae go.
We a’ maun hae a motor-car if we wint oor goods tae sell.
Bit I’ll ne’er forget the nichts we met on the Moss o’ Burreldale.MacBeath.jpg