Jack Lorimer

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Singer, dancer and comedian 1883 – 1920

A popular music hall entertainer. Originally from Forres, he performed as “The Hielan’ Laddie” with success in London and on tour in the United States. His son was the famous comedian Max Wall.

Windyridge Music Hall CDs have issued a compilation (track listing below) of many of the performer’s gramophone records Jack Lorimer – The Hielan’ Laddie (CDR51) (musichallcds.co.uk) and state:

Jack Lorimer, sometimes billed as Jock Lorimer, was one of the top Scottish music hall artistes of the 1900s. Coming from a musical family, Jack became popular throughout the English speaking world, with major tours in America where he was piped through the streets. Jack Lorimer assumed various characters on stage including a Chinese Scotsman dressed in pigtail and kilt in his song Ching a Ling Hooch Aye.

These images are from the programme of Dunfermline Opera House for April 1904:



Hello there! MacIntyre

From a 78 rpm record c. 1909. [Jumbo Records A.23213]

Jack Lorimer – The Hielan’ Laddie – WINDYCDR51

Jack Lorimer - The Hielan' Laddie