Dorothy Alwynne


“Miss Dorothy Alwynne : Scotland’s Lady Violinist” performed in the 1920s as part of London 8 Concert Party a highly popular group which included Tom Copeland, Scottish Comedian, Walter Nunn, cellist and Molly O’Moore, Irish Soprano. Within the group she performed solo and in a trio with Walter Nunn and Miss Joan Duff, “London’s Youngest Classical Pianist”.

The record of a broadcast by the 2LO station on 7 Jan 1924 notes that she played Gypsy Airs by Sarasate as well as group numbers with the London 8.

Braw braw lads / Robin Adair / Lord Moira / Piper o’Dundee / Blue Bonnets / Speed the Plough

From 78 rpm record Parlophone [E3953 E4495] Recorded c. 1932.

Lady Madeline Sinclair / Flora macDonald’s Lament / My love she’s but a lassie yet / Mary Lees

From 78 rpm record Parlophone [E3953 E4494] Recorded c. 1932.