Charles D’Almaine


Violinist 1871 – 1943

An American session musician born at Kingston upon Hull who made numerous cylinder and 78 rpm recordings of classical melodies, popular songs, novelties, and traditional jigs and reels. He was house violin soloist and concertmaster for the Victor and Edison companies in the early 20th century. On account of the selections below he should be seen as one of the earliest musicians to record Scottish fiddle music.

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Strathspey Medley

Tunes stated as: Keel Row / Howard / Duchess of Athols / Forest Flowers / Money Musk

From 1904 78 rpm record Victor Matrix number: 4447 Catalog number: 4447

Imitation of Bagpipes and Scotch Airs

From cylinder Edison Gold Moulded Record 7377. Remastered from the unedited wave file in the collection of the University of Santa Barbara Cylinder 6429.

Imitation of Bagpipes and Scotch Airs

From 1903 78 rpm record Columbia Matrix number: 1532-2-21 Catalog number: A214

Charles D'Almaine c.1900

Favourite Hornpipe Medley

From 1905 78 rpm record Victor Matrix number: 16393B Catalog number: 16393-B

Tunes given as Jenny Linn / Lockers / Acrobat / Champion / Autograph

Medley of Jigs and Reels

From 1907 78 rpm record Columbia Matrix number: 3749
Catalog number: A234

Medley of Old Time Reels

From 1906 78 rpm record Victoria Matrix number: B2913
Catalog number: 4617 With orchestra.

Tunes given as: De’il Among the Tailors / Flow’r of Edinburg / Speed the Plow / Tom and Jerry / Roger’s Reel / Miss McCloud’s Reel / Auld Lang Syne