Calum Johnston

Calum Johnson UoE 2

Piper and tradition-bearer. 1891 – 1972

Calum Johnston was born and raised on Barra. For some years he lived in Manchester and in Edinburgh where he worked as a draughtsman before returning to his native island. Like his celebrated sister Annie Johnston he is recognised as an important bearer and interpreter of crucial aspects of Scottish Gaelic culture.

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Here, at the age of seventy, Calum sings traditional words related to pibroch airs and canntaireachd vocal interpretation of the classical music of the Highland bagpipe that he learned as a child in the Hebrides.

The recordings were published on the 1964 LP Pibroch Volume 1 [WaverleyZLP 2034]

Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Duibh (Black Donald’s March)


This recording is paired with that of the pibroch played by John D. Burgess, the track being duplicated on that musician’s page. Heard together they form an effective illustration of the associations between the song and piping traditions.

Bobaich Dhubha nan Sligean (The Old Men of the Shells)

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