Allan MacDonald


Along with his distinguished piping brothers, Dr Angus and Iain, Allan MacDonald was born and raised in the small Gaelic-speaking township of Glenuig in Moidart, Scotland.

He won the highest award in Highland piping, the Clasp, at the Northern Meeting, two years running (1989 and 1990) before following his heart and developing a style of piping more in tune with the Gaelic culture of 1550-1750. His approach is infused with an insider’s ear for the fragile traces of historical continuity that survive within Gaelic-speaking communities, and  has seen a freer, more varied, and historically-informed approach to ceòl mór that, to many listeners, makes the ‘great music’ more appealing. 

In 1995 he presented a thesis on The Relationship between Pibroch and Gaelic Song: its Implications on the Performance Style of the Pibroch Urlar to the University of Edinburgh that can be read here. That same year he was invited to give the prestigious John MacFadyen Lecture in Stirling Castle.

In addition to the Highland bagpipes, Allan also performs on Scottish smallpipes and sings in Gaelic.

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Miss Catriona Rose Moore

Dedicated to a young lady born in 2021.

Recorded by Allan MacDonald, mastered by Gerry Harrington for Raretunes.